L’incontro internazionale 2019 di formazione della rete PIETRE VIVE si terra a Zurigo in lingua inglese dal 2 al 5 maggio. Di seguito ne riportiamo i dettagli da www.pietre-vive.org/2018/12/13/formation-meeting-2019/

Se vuol conoscere l’esperienza e le iniziative di Pietre Vive Trieste, contattaci a: [email protected]



As you know, every year, a three-day International Formation Meeting is organised for all Living Stones to meet, discuss, share, pray and learn together.

This year, through several sessions and workshops, we will have “Encounters with Modern and Contemporary Art”.

We are therefore inviting you to join and to help us spread the word as much as possible! This year the meeting will take place in the buzzing and culturally-rich city of…ZURICH!!

The details of the International Meeting are as follows:

Info and registration: [email protected]

Dates: Thursday 2 May (4.00pm) – Sunday 5 May 2018 (lunch)

Deadline for registration: 28 February 2019

Welcome: 2 May, 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM at Parish Liebfrauen, Weinbergstrasse 36, 8006 Zürich, Switzerland.

How to get there?
The venue is only a few minutes walk from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof HB Zürich) and the main bus station of Zürich. Many trains connect the airport with the the main train station of Zürich.

The suggested participation fee (except travelling costs) is €80.
NB: this is a suggested fee, and depends entirely on the allowance of each person.
Financial problems should not be a reason not to come!
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

What to bring: Bible, things to write, personal belongings.

The formation meeting is open to all young people interested in Living Stones.

Download the flyer